Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last day!!!

Any errors are solely the fault of Ms. Paparazzi X who has lost touch and therefore patience with

The morning cued in and we were gathered into Jinnie's room to do an "I Appreciate You Because..." activity. Basically all of us had to plaster our precious canvas around the room and fill it up for everyone else. I personally felt that this activity was a good way to conclude our 14-day expedition, because it allowed us to acknowledge the support we received from one another through the past 2 weeks.

We were then taken to some of the tourist spots to help churn the country's income. We began the trip to Wen Shu Fang, which strangely, only had ONE miserable bookshop. (I mean, isn't Shu Fang supposed to be bookshop??)

Instead, what was in store for us were a tantalising array of ancient art. Ranging from quick-eyed elderly who could weave the prettiest design...

...and a range of unfamiliar cuisine such as cured rabbits.

What a feast it was to the eyes - and the stomachs! ^^

After which, we went to an urban shopping region, much similar to Orchard Road in Singapore to do some last minute purchases. Our main concern was not to get our family and friends some Sichuan momentos, but rather to hunt for a Christmas exchange pressie.

With that, we came to the bittersweet, chillingly heartwarming end to the trip. But!!! Fret not!!! The Sichuan Sweethearts continue to be in touch, celebrating festives and well, non-festives. If Ms. Paparazzi has time and is the mood, she'll continue from here. If not... Awww... too bad! =P =P For now, Bon Voyage! :D:D

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