Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 11 : Tong Ji Continuation

Any errors are solely the fault of Ms. Paparazzi X who has lost touch and therefore patience with

At the break of dawn, we were transported in batches to the school in teachers' cars where we had porridge + pickled vegetables and ManTous for breakfast.
Then, were dispensed into our various Work Groups aka Ah Ma's Army, Logistics, Fundraising and PnP for our activities. Ah Ma's Army was tasked to organise the campfire, and was introduced to Yang Yang and Yang Ting, an exuberant duo who emanated the vigour and youth of many 16-year-olds.
Yangting’s meticulous work conduct was really an asset to Ah Ma's Army. :D She has this smile that radiates the room in an instant and infects everyone around her. Above all, she has the sensibility to say the right things at the right moment, and owns unbridled curiosity of the things around her. For the rest of the day, Ah Ma’s army rehearsed the Campfire segment while the rest of the Sichuan sweethearts did their works of art in their respective rooms.

For Psychology Room on level 1, Pretty Zhao Lao Shi had requested for a more peaceful mural. WenQing, in her ingenuity, drew an abstract art of our very own Kampong decorated in serene blue.

We were almost done with the mural by the end of the day. =D

"Serenity"/Psychology room

For the Multi-Purpose Room on level 4, after a discussion between Ah Gong and Zhang Lao Shi, they had decided on the theme of "Giving back to Society".

"感恩" room

Before we even realised, night fell and it was time for dinner! We ate and headed back to the Shan Zhuang for a debrief. There was no blackout that night and so there was no excuse to not shower. We ended the night with our Factiliation game (pst....! we did an evaluation of our Work Group Development - Team Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing)


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